Founded in 1860, The Halifax Rifles has long historical militia connection, back to the settlement of The City of Halifax in 1749, thus proud honourable
service to Canada, before and since Confederation. This includes many overseas campaigns and battle honours, with notable personal bravery and
meritorious decorations of its Officers and Men. As the 63rd Battalion, the unit also saw active service in Canada during the North West Rebellion of 1865.
The thousands of Officers and Men who served with this unit, include two Canadian Prime Ministers, many distinguished Nova Scotians including, The Hon
Joseph Howe, and three other Nova Scotia Premiers, City Fathers, and prominent business leaders.

In 1965, this third oldest unit in Canada was made inactive, placed on a Supplementary Order of Battle.

The Halifax Rifles continued with past members in spirit and resolve, under The Halifax Rifles Armoury Association, founded in 1902, with allied support
from "Friends of The Regiment" in the military community.  It also remained in the hearts, spirit, and the memory of so many thousands of volunteers and
the families of those who passed through it's ranks and served its country so proudly, in and as members of this regiment, but also in assignments elsewhere,
as duty called. Of these soldiers, in over a century of service, many gave the supreme sacrifice for their country, and we must never forget them and the ties
to this regiment and city. " Halifax Rifles Story" is linked below.

A new chapter in regimental history began on 5 Sept 2008, with the announcement  by the Minister of Defence, The Honourable Peter MacKay, that the
regiment is being  re-activated.  At the official ceremony held 10 May 2009,   The Halifax Rifles (RCAC),  was established as a reconnaissance squadron, and  
assigned to 36 Canadian Brigade Group, serving  within the command of  then  named Land Force Atlantic Area, since designated as the 5th Canadian

A long and welcomed return to service
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Holland Gravesites
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The Halifax Rifles (RCAC)
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Holland Gravesites
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Kilroy Was Here - ( Unknown stories and
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LCol John Gordon Quigley
Sherman tank (M4A2E8) "Hellfire" on display at The Halifax Armoury
Memorial presented to City of Halifax by HRAA