Above is the Guidon of the Halifax Rifles which was approved by John Walker, Deputy Inspector of
Regimental Colours, for the College of Arms on November 26, 1959.
As an Armoured Regiment we have been officially authorized to have our Battle Honours emblazoned on our
We are proud to record here the names of those who have given us that great leadership across the years, their
counsel and advice having been most helpful in peace and war.

1860-1883 His Excellency Lieutenant General Sir William Fenwick Williams, Bart., K.C.B., of Kars.
1898-1912 Lieut.General J. Winburne Laurie, D.C.L.
1912-1937 Right Honourable Sir Robert Borden, K.C.M.G.
1942-1946 Hon. Frederick F. Mathers, K.C.
1948-1954 Hon. Angus L. Macdonald, P.C., K.C., LL.D.
1955- Brigadier Ray. J. Colwell, D.S.O., E.D., msc.

1920-1941  Colonel W. Ernest Thompson, V.D.
1923-1958  Lieut-Colonel Francis W.  W. Doane, V.D.
1948-          Lieut.-Colonel Henry P.  MacKeen, Q.C., C.D.
Lieut-Colonel John Gordon Quigley M.S.M, E.D
2010           Colonel  John B. Boileau, C.D. ( Regiment returned to service)

"In looking back over a century of Rifles, a historian with substantial military experience and some knowledge can be
forgiven if he declares that the concept as propounded in May 1860 has been more than realized on the battlefield,
in-dedicated service in the peace time Militia of Canada, and in the realm of statecraft at all levels of Government. This
is our proud record in the maintenance of our object: Defence of the freedom and liberty of our beloved Canada."       

-  J. Gordon Quigley
- Cede Nullis-
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On our colours
presented to the
November 10, 1862
by Mrs. P. C. Hill,
wife of the Mayor
of Halifax, are
proudly displayed
the Honours
awarded the
A Century Of Rifles