The regimental number "63" (63rd  Battalion) was dropped from the badge in February 1933, (reportedly by
a General Order in 1932) made necessary by a change in nomenclature, silver for officers and bronze for other
ranks was adopted,  same for  collar and shoulder badges.  (page 99 "Century of Rifles")
In the
Order of Battle, further name  changes were subsequently made,  the unit  became:
23rd Army Tank Regiment (The Halifax Rifles) in 1942,
              23rd Armoured Regiment (Halifax Rifles) 1 Apr 1946,
              The Halifax Rifles (23rd Armoured Regiment) 4 Feb 1949,.
The Halifax Rifles (RCAC ) 24 Jun 1958, as it remains today,an order shortening the name, on
directive of Eastern Command., the current unit  indenity.  These  name changes did not alter the badge idenity
in the period from 1932/33, until modifications were authorized and approved in 2002.
1933-2002 Badge
Silver (Officers)
Cloth Badge (current)