Shown and numbered above are 3 Halifax Rifles Cadets who were in future to become:

1. Colonel  David Ells, Army Advisor, Canadian High Commissioner, London
2. Lt-Colonel  Donald Manuel, Commandant, Canadian Airborne Centre
3. Lt-Colonel Garth Trider, Commanding Officer, 33 (Halifax) Service Battalion
This picture taken in 1952, is one of The Halifax Rifles Cadet Corps, on parade at Sackville Street, near
Brunswick, includes the cadet pipe band. It is interesting that many military leaders came from the cadet
movement, and this is notable in this unit as well as so many others. Several of these members went on to
serve in the military service of Canada, in leadership roles of rank and position. Only three are identified
here, but it is certain there are more. We are all proud of the cadet movement, especially this unit that is
still active today, under support of The Halifax Rifles Armoury Association.

This affiliated cadet unit, from Queen Elizabeth High School, was under the direction and command of
Major M.C. (Charlie) Blue 36 Heavy AA Regt., a teacher and a fine Cadet Commander, for many years.

Another successful and affilitated cadet unit of The Halifax Rifles, was also locally active from St. Patrick's
High School under direction of Capt. L. Myatt, also a teacher, and who for many  years devoted his time
and energy to the active training of cadets in this movement.
Picture courtesy of Garth Trider
"Practically since its inception the Regiment had taken an interest in the Halifax County Academy
Cadet Corps, supervising their range work, taking them on schemes and route marches, but it was not
until 1911 that this Corps became affiliated with the Rifles. Command Militia Order 138, 18-3-11, read
as follows:

"No. 35 the Halifax County Academy Cadet Corps is affiliated with the 63rd Regiment, Halifax Rifles."
This was a milestone in the history of this Regiment, and it was greatly appreciated that in the year of
our celebration of the 50th anniversary these youths, many of whom would in the future make a
tremendous contribution to the defense of our country-some alas to lay down their young lives on a
foreign battlefield should become affiliated with our Regiment.

Let it be noted here and we are proud to record that at this our centenary both the Queen Elizabeth
High School Cadet Corps and the St. Patrick's High School Corps are affiliated with the Halifax

-Lt Col J Gordon Quigley - "A Century of Rifles "          
#2937 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps, Enfield, NS, Mongomery Branch,  on  Sunday, April 25, 2004.
celebrated its 30th Anniversary, with a parade and dedication ceremony to honour one of its founders,
LCol. J. H. D. Oland, MC, formerly CO, The Halifax Rifles.
Mrs John H.D.Oland
at door to cadet classroom,
dedicated LCol John Oland
Piper at dedication
ceremony by,  
Mongomery Branch,
Enfield Cadet Corp, to
founder LCol Oland
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