The LCol. Russ Hubley, DFC, CD, Annual Scholarship Award

August 2017

LCol. Russ Hubley (retired) recently expressed an interest in donating a further $5000.00 to
The Halifax Rifles Armoury Association that would be used exclusively towards
The Halifax
Rifles Army Cadet Corps scholarships.
This is in addition to the $5000.00 he donated in 2015.
The Cheque for $5000 was received by the HRAA 24 Aug. 2017 and a tax receipt issued.

This is  a very generous donation and certainly much appreciated by the Cadet corps and the

A $1000 cheque will be made out to the successful cadet and presented on or around
Remembrance Day.
NB    In addition to this Cadet scholarship so generously awarded by former CO , LCol Russ
Hubley, the HRAA, through its own resources, presents annually, a $1000 scholarship to a
qualifying regimental member