A Change of Command of The Halifax Rifles RCAC
was held 16 April 2012,  between
Major L.S. Gallant , CD
Major G.A. Melville, CD

The reviewing officer was
LCol A.S. Macdonald, CD, Deputy Comd 36 CBG
LCol A.S. MacDonald,
Deputy Commander,
36 Can Brigade Group
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Major. Melville, LCol.
MacDonald and Major
Gallant signing the
Change of Command  
Major G.A. Melville
Major L.S. Gallant
Capt. Neish, Major Gallant,
2Lt. Mike Cummings and
2Lt. Anderson
3rd from left. -Honorary LCol.
Boileau, LCol. MacDonald,
WO A.MacDonald,
Troop Inspection
-LCol McDonald
WO Fancy, Maj. Gallant -
awarding shooting trophy
LCol. MacDonald,
Major Gallant
inspecting the Sqdn,
LCol. MacDonald and
Major Gallant
LCol. (ret'd) Rob Cuthbert, CD  
President, The Halifax Rifles
Armoury Association