June-1943                                July 31, 1987
McGOWAN, Douglas, Captain - Military Cross - Armour - awarded as per
Canada Gazette dated 10 November 1945 and CARO/6193 dated 12 November

"Captain McGowan arrived in Normandy with 22 Canadian Armoured Regiment as Technical Adjutant. In
this capacity he served through the campaign in France, Belgium and Holland. In January 1945, at his own
request, he relinquished this appointment to serve with 2 Squadron as Rear Link Captain. In this capacity he
fought brilliantly with the tanks in the assault through the Hochwald Forest where he was wounded in action.
Near Louve-en-Auges, on 15 August 1944, the second day of the thrust to Falaise, 22 Canadian Armoured
Regiment was reduced to a tank strength of 23 Shermans and one Stuart. The confused fighting had by-passed
many pockets of enemy resistance and unmarked minefields cut across the area. Taking upon himself the
search of the battlefield for recoverable tanks, Captain McGowan had frequently to leave his scout car to deal
with enemy snipers. He returned with six prisoners, then set out again to supervise the recovery of the tanks
he had located. Working throughout the night under shaded lights, he personally directed and assisted his fitter
crews so that nine battleworthy tanks were added to the regiment's advance next day to the north of Tron.
This advance helped seal off the gap through which remnants of the German Seventh Army were attempting to
escape. With but a month's service in 2 Squadron, Captain McGowan, as Battle Captain, took part in the
assault on the Hochwald Gap. Officer casualties devolved on him the squadron command and, through hellish
artillery and against determined infantry armed with bazookas, he led the squadron on to the objective. Early in
the battle a sniper's bullet pierced his neck, coming out through the cheek. Undeterred, and in the teeth of
long-range anti-tank fire which knocked out his tanks on either side, he continued to fight until the objective
had been reached, this despite a second wound close to the left eye from shell fragments. This advance gave 4
Canadian Armoured Brigade a firm base from which to launch its next series of attacks through the gap.
Captain McGowan's personal bravery has, at all times, been an inspiration to all ranks of the regiment. His
versatility and technical skill have rendered invaluable service throughout the advance across Northwest
Europe. As a combat officer he has displayed an equal courage and tenacity of purpose. His cheerfulness under
difficulties, fighting spirit and powers of leadership have been an example to all ranks of 22 Canadian
Armoured Regiment."
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Captain Douglas McGowan, MC