NICHOLSON, Claude Linden, ("Nick")Staff Sergeant (SF 29861)

Military Medal
(Sherbrooke Fusiliers Regiment)-WW2

Armour (27 Canadian Armoured Regiment [Sherbrooke Fusiliers]) - awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 10
November 1945 and Canadian Army Routine Order 6193 dated 12 November 1945:

"This Warrant Officer of 27 Canadian Armoured Regiment landed on the Normandy beachhead on 6 June
1944 in charge of a squadron petrol and ammunition convoy. From 6 June 1944 until 8 May 1945 he
performed his dangerous duties in a most praiseworthy manner. Despite the difficulties of minefields, shell
fire and demolitions, Squadron Sergeant-Major Nicholson's squadron was never once in short supply. On the
morning of 7 June 1944, 27 Canadian Armoured Regiment was engaged in a tank versus tank battle, and no
tanks could be released for refuelling. Squadron Sergeant-Major Nicholson volunteered to refuel the vehicles.
With complete disregard for his own life, he brought his convoy through mortar, shell and small arms fire.
During the refuelling of one of the tanks it was hit and destroyed. Regardless of this, he continued until all
the tanks were filled. On the night of 16 August 19144 at Claire Tizon, the tanks were filled again under
similar difficult and dangerous circumstances. One ammunition lorry was hit and destroyed, and though the
illumination brought still heavier enemy artillery and mortar fire, this Warrant Officer carried on with his
task till all tanks were refuelled. Squadron Sergeant-Major Nicholson is a keen disciplinarian and is looked
to by his Non-Commissioned officers and men for courageous and decisive leadership. He is thoroughly
reliable, conscientious and possesses keen initiative. His example is worthy of the highest praise."

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NB: S/Sgt "Nick" Nicholson, died on Aug 14, 1947 at Camp Utopia, N.B., shortly after the regiment
completed it's first post war training exercise, buried with full military honours on Aug 19, 1947.
Remembered in Book of Remembrance, Page 597.
Cemetery: Halifax (St John's) Cemetery
SSM C.L. Nicholson, MM  (June-1943)
Picture from 1940