Captain E. C. "NED" Wheeler MM, CD, ED
WHEELER, Edward Carson, Sergeant (F29715) -

Military Medal -

Armour (22 Canadian Armoured Regiment, Canadian Grenadier Guards) -
awarded as per Canada Gazette and Canadian Army Routine Order 5953, both
dated 11 August 1945. Recommended for immediate award on 23 April 1945;
document with Headquarters 4 Canadian Armoured Brigade, 24-26 April 1945;
with Headquarters, 4 Canadian Armoured Division, 29 April to 16 May 1945;
with Headquarters, 2 Canadian Corps, 16-26 May 1945; with Headquarters,
First Canadian Army, 27 May to 14 June 1945. The unedited draft located the
precise crossing point at Map Reference 1399 and the road junction at Map
Reference 110944.

On 14 April 1945, Sergeant Wheeler was commanding No.3 Troop of No.3
Squadron, 22 Canadian Armoured Regiment. This troop was under command
"B" Company, Lake Superior Regiment (Motor) which had been given the task
of forcing a crossing of the Kusten Canal. The first objective of this small force
was a road junction. At last light, with tanks leading, the column came under
fire from two self-propelled 75-mm guns carefully sited to command the bend in
the road. At that moment, Sergeant Wheeler's tank was put out of action by a
mine. From the volume of machine gun fire which was now being directed
along this stretch of road, it was obvious than an infantry attack could only
result in a waste of vital time and in heavy casualties. In an instant Sergeant
Wheeler had crossed the bullet-swept ground to his second tank, had mounted it
and was carrying straight on. Although unable to deploy to any degree because
of the sift ground on either side of the road, he did not hesitate but charged
straight into the enemy positions, all guns in his troop blazing. His orders came
over the air crisp and entirely calm, belying the fierceness of the opposition and
inspiring all ranks that supreme confidence so essential to the success of such
an action.. Overwhelmed by the suddenness and fierceness of this bold move, the
bazooka screen intended to protect the guns were beaten into the ground and the
guns themselves were forced to pull out back across the canal.

This Non-Commissioned Officer's coolness under fire, his absolute disregard for
his personal safety and the bold spirit of his leadership brought the remainder of
his troop unscathed through an inferno of fire. The road was opened to the
canal and the advance of 4 Canadian Armoured Brigade continued.