MacGILLIVRAY, J. Ronald, (RON) Lance-Corporal (F29750)

Military Medal -

Armour - awarded as per Canada Gazette dated 10 November 1945 and Canadian
Army Routine Order 6193 dated 12 November 1945.

During the push to the Rubicon River in Italy on 28 September 1944, Lance-Corporal
MacGILLIVRAY was Gunner Operator in his tank, which was giving close support to the
advance of the infantry. His troop leader's tank was blown up on mines and the crew
commander of his own tank was wounded by fire from two Tiger tanks which appeared on the
opposite side of the river. Lance-Corporal MacGillivray immediately took charge of his own
tank and continued to advance, loading his gun, operating the wireless set and commanding the
tank. His tank was then hit and knocked out but Lance-Corporal MacGillivray continued to
load and command the crew. Several hits were observed on the enemy tanks which eventually
withdrew. Under heavy enemy machine gun and rifle fire Lance-Corporal MacGillivray then
proceeded to carry his wounded crew commander back to the Regimental Aid Post. On 3
January 1945 during the push north from Mezzano to the Bonifica Canal Lance-Corporal
MacGillivray again lost his crew commander and took over command of the tank, at the same
time continuing his duty as loader and operating the wireless set. North of Conventello his
squadron came under heavy anti-tank gun fire which temporarily held up the advance on the
right flank. Lance-Corporal MacGillivray moved his tank in the he believed the fire to be
coming from and succeeded in locating and knocking out one 75-mm enemy gun and directed
the fire of his squadron and of the artillery on to other gun positions. As a result of his efforts
the advance was held up for only a very short time. On 17 April 1945, south of Putten,
Holland, during the push to the Zuider Zee, Lance-Corporal MacGillivray was again acting as
Gunner Operator in his tank which was leading the advance. His tank was fired on by an
anti-tank gun which was immediately engaged by Lance-Corporal MacGillivray's tank. During
the action when his own gun was firing, the tank was hit but not knocked out. Lance-Corporal
MacGillivray was thrown into the recoil of his own gun, breaking his arm. In spite of this injury,
Lance-Corporal MacGillivray refused to leave the tank and continued to load the gun until the
anti-tank gun was destroyed and the objective was taken. This soldier at all times displayed a
fine example of devotion to duty and of fortitude beyond the ordinary and was an inspiring
example to his squadron and regiment.
SSM J. Ron MacGillivary MM,CD