D. MacGowan, M.C.
C. L. Nicholson, M.M.
J. H. D. Oland, M.C.
W. R. Spinney, M.M.
D. Romans, D.F.C.
A. StC. Squires, M.I.D.
E. C. Wheeler, MM. CD, ED
W. N. Wickwire, M.B.E.
W. H. Young, M.B.E.
F. A. Brewster, M.C.
L. N. B. Bullock, DSO & Bar
J. W. Chaddock, D.C.M.
H. Churchill-Smith, M.C.
J. P. Connolly, M.C.
H. A. Creighton, M.C.
A. T. Croft, M.C.
J. C. Davie, M.C.
E. R. Dennis, M.C.
0. G. Donovan, Cr. deG.
J. A. Doull, M.C., Cr., deG.
J. 0. Fitzgerald, M.C.
P. W. Freeman, M.C.
G. H. Gillis, D.F.C.
E. J. Hallett, M.C.
F. H. M. Jones, M.C.
G. H. Keeler, M.C.
A. T. Lewis, M.C.
J. Livingstone, D.C.M.
C. D. Llywd, M.C.
R. A. MacGillivray, M.C.
T. B.J.Mahar,DSO.,M.C.
(Served with King's Royal Rif)
A. Montgomerie, CBE., OBE
P. R. Phillips, M.C.
J. T. Probert, M.C.
J. G. Quigley, M.S.M.
C. R. Sircom, M.C.
J. R. Smith, M.C.
N. H. Sutcliffe, M.C.
J. R. Smith, M.C.
W. H. Young, D.C.M.
World War l  1914-1918
C. M. Bethune, M.B.E.
J. J. Burke, M I D.
M. G. Clennett, D.S.O.
R. J. Colwell, D.S.O.
R. H. Craig, M.M.
R. F. Hubley, D.F.C.
J. A. Langille, MID.
J. R. MacGillivray, M.M.
J. M. McAvity, D.S.O., M.B.E.
H. B. Mclsaac, MID.
World War 1l  1939-1945

"A Memorial Suite was dedicated in October 1958 at the Royal Canadian
Armoured Corps School, Borden, Ontario,

"IN REMEMBRANCE of our Comrades In Armour
who gave their lives in World War 11, 1939-1945."

"Each Armoured Regiment in Canada were proud and reverent
participants in this Ceremony of Remembrance.

It was with humility and pride that THE HALIFAX RIFLES (RCAC) (M)
contributed a beautifully designed chair on which is imprinted a replica
of our Badge."
Reference:  "A Century Of Rifles"Author and Historian Lieut- Col J.G.Quigley
75 Officers and 815 other ranks of The Halifax Rifles, proceeded overseas, ( 30 more were
commissioned overseas) of which 17 officers and approximately 100 other ranks, gave their lives in
defense of our freedom.
Best estimates are that of those that served, the following decorations were awarded.
2-D.S.O's (one with bar)
1 -D.F.C.
1-Croix de Guerre
20 Military Crosses
Several D.S.M.'s and Military Med
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps
Known Casualties
47 Killed in Action and 80 Wounded. Two of the wounded were wounded three times and six were
wounded twice.
 Tpr. Ronald H. Allen was killed patrolling at Gaza Strip in U.N.E.F peacekeeping
mission, 28 Nov 1959.

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The following known decorations were awarded during WW2.

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