CD Awards
Left to Right: Art Small Sr. -"Bunny" Flemming -  
Command HQ Staff Officer- Bruce Webber - Tom Shortt-
Ned Garagan - Lou Hopper, with CO Lt Col "Gerry" Snair
(RA Park  Feb 19 2003)
Back Left to Right:Cy Clayton,
Bob MacLean- Russ Hubley, Ken
Burgwin,Jack Oland
Front LtoR Jim Jollota-Pete Weal-Russ
"Old Buddies"
L to R
Ned Amy,
Doug McGowan, and
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L to R Russ Hubley-Ned Amy
as Ned Wheeler receives RCAC
Assoc membership-Aug -5-03
L to R  Russ Hubley, John Barnaby,
Ned Wheeler, Art Barnaby
L to R  Ken Foster,George Cox,
Maj Gen E.C. Plow. Len
Mitchell, Bruce Webber. (CD
Enroute_Garrison Grounds  on
occasion of being judged best militia unit
of  Eastern Command
(Led by CO Lt Col J. Oland,CO  Major R.
Hubley,2 i/c  Major E. Spafford)
Major John Barnaby, BGen Victor Oland,
Cyril Gray, Ned Garagan, Rollie .
McDonnaugh, Jim Livingston, Jim Hatcher,
Ted Clarke. (circa 1955)
L to R. Wayne Shellnut,
Dave Grant, Jim
Jollota., Jack Oland
L to R.:  Russ
Hubley, Greg
Corbett, Ken
Major-Gen E.C.Plow
Militia Unit"
to Lt Col John
Oland, CO, The
Halifax Rifles at
Garrison Grounds,
Major John Barnaby (at back) and some of "C"
Sqn  at weekend  exercise LtoR Carl Comeau,Jim
Livingston,T. Shortt, Bob Graham, Bill Kinsman,
Norm Sherman, Jack Oland (circa 1955)
L toR  Harold Blackler, Jim Hatcher, Frank MacGillivary,
Bob Gofton, Al Squires, Bruce Webber, Dick Kenzie, Ned
Wheeler, Al Baker, Frank Oakley
Back  LtoR  Harold Smith, Joe
O'Halloran , Bruce Webber
Front LtoR  Frank McGillivary, Jack
Henry, Jim Gates
Russ Comeau
presents Special  
Award to Russ Hubley
on 2-19-03 at RA
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Sgt. Alex Theriault,
represented the regiment at
coronation of Queen Elizabeth ll
Reunions-Meetings Of Association at RA PARK- Halifax
( HRAA- Halifax Rifles Armoury Association)_
Phillip H. "Flash" Davis
of Stewiacke (see picture)
sent this interesting piece,
written by an unknown
trooper of "B" Squadron, on
the occasion of three
different attempts of The
Halifax Rifles, to embark at
Halifax for overseas duty.
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Pete Weal welcomes
members of HRAA to
130th Anniversary
Dinner-RA Park
Alec George, Ned
Wheeler-Dinner in '95
100 Year-Dinner-1960
HRAA luncheon - R. A.
Park-July 13/04
L to R - Cyril Gray, Bob MacLean, Pete Lloyd, Pete
Weal, Russ Hubley, Ned Wheeler, Front -L to R - Jim
Jollota, Russ Comeau