Our Guidon was presented to  Lt. Col. Russ Hubley, Commanding
Officer, The Halifax Rifles, by  H.P. McKeen, Lieutenant Governor of
Nova Scotia,  formerly Honorary Colonel of this regiment, at Halifax on
January 10, 1965.
In his words addressing the regiment he said:
"To most of us on parade, today has a tragic significance. It has now
been established that The Halifax Rifles will be placed on the
Supplemtary Order of Battle, in other words the regiment will exist in
name only, without personnel or equipment."

Lieut Governor McKeen added "This parade has represented
ceremonial drill at it's best"
This new guidon symbolizes the battle honours of the regiment
replacing the regiments presentation of its first colours, so many years
ago. The Chronicle Herald reported "with the hundreds in the
spectators gallery watching this most colourful ceremony,
few would
think this proud regiment was making it's last parade and
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A Guidon (pronounced:
guy-don) is a  flag or banner
carried by military units to
identify their origin or
January 10, 1965
Regiment reactivated May 10, 2009
Since 1965, when the regiment was placed on Supplemtary Reserve our
Guidon, was entusted to and displayed in the Chapel of King's College.  Now
with the regiment's reactivation, of  
May 10, 2009  it has now been returned to
the regiment and is honourably and most suitably displayed, with highlighted
battle honours, in *
The Craig Room, as shown below, at Royal Artillery Park,

,     *named after Col. CS Craig, DSO, MC, Commander Halifax Fortress 1939-45.