Our sincere condolences to the family and friends and to the many officers and men who served with
him,  with unique and special respect for this outstanding leader and great soldier, at this sad time in
his passing.

- The Halifax Rifles Armoury Association

A commitment made to Ken McArthur by Peter MacKay while in opposition to reinstate the Halifax
Rifles is the main reason it happened.  He was recognized by MacKay at the stand up ceremony and
by us at the 150th dinner.

Condolences can be sent by email using the site address below.  Please identify yourself as Halifax
Rifles or Association members.

He will be greatly missed.
January 19, 1924 - July 19,2014

Grampie was like the Energizer Bunny, he just kept going and going and going.   By the ripe old age of
21 he had survived 4 years of World War 11 and two of the worst battles of the war – Juno Beach and
the Hochwald Gap.  He was one of few to still have his original tank (named Greta) and the only survivor
of the war from the original crew landing on Juno Beach.  After the war for a time he ran 3 farms, drove
a dump truck and logged at the same time.  One time he had a load of logs fall on him when the chain
let go on the log truck and he survived horrific head/facial injuries.  He survived at least 2 motor vehicle
accidents that I know of, 3 operations and 2 strokes but even the Energizer Bunny’s batteries must
eventually run out and when God saw he was too tired and weak to carry on he called him home.
Grampie will be remembered as an honest, hard-working man with a great sense of humor.  He valued
his family, friends and neighbours and was always there to help in any way he could.  He believed in a
day’s work for a day’s pay and worked hard all his life, he was still going to the woods at 80 even though
Nanny tried to talk him out of it.  Yes, he was stubborn too, a genuine McArthur trait.  He had a great
sense of humor and loved to tell us the finger he lost was from picking his nose  (which he actually cut
off chopping kindling) and believe me it cured us of this bad habit!

Grampie had a great love for animals, especially horses, a trait inherited from his father Len.  He always
had a work horse which he used for logging.  His favourite was one named Maude a Clydesdale.  She
was blind in one eye and Grampie said they were soul mates because she was just like him.

Grampie and Nanny shared a love for each other stretching 64 years.  They loved to go to dances and
camping once Mom & Uncle Gary were old enough and in later years drove across Canada and made
two trips overseas to Holland, England, France & Germany.  Loving parents, grandparents and great
grandparents our families looked forward to gatherings on Sundays for dinner, birthdays, anniversaries
and Christmas.
Grampie was a proud father, grandfather and great-grandfather and was so pleased with his
descendants chosen paths and their accomplishments.  He loved going to hockey games with Gary,
cribbage tournaments with Linda,  Remembrance Day services with Cory,  watching TV with Coady,  
talking shop with Chris, hearing Carmen play the fiddle, see Kyle play hockey and bounce Kamren and
Aaliyah on his knee.  He also valued his son-in-law Gary, daughter-in-law Terri and Cory’s wife Tannis
for their love and support over the years.

Before ending Grampie would want a little humor in this so here goes...
In his late teens his old aunts used to come up to him at weddings, poking him in the ribs and cackling,
“You’re next!” After a while, he figured out how to stop them. He started doing the same thing to them at

Grampie, we have been blessed to have you in our lives for so many years.  You may be gone, but our
cherished memories will remain in our hearts forever.

Until we meet again, may God
hold you in the palm of His hand.