"My great-grandfather stands................... in front of the group, his place in regimental
history confirmed by the accompanying text"   -Ann Morris

"On Monday, the nineteenth of May, 1890, a dinner was held at the Halifax Hotel by the Officers
of the Regiment in honour of Lieut Colonel J.D. Mackintosh who had made such a tremendous
contribution to the welfare of the Unit, and had
guided its destinies with such distinction
during the period of the North West Rebellion.

In a company with a plethora of able and enthusiastic men, he was the eighth to receive corporal's
stripes, and the seventh to obtain a commission. In the higher stages of command, he won the
respect of all ranks....During the evening the officers presented Col. Mackintosh with a gold watch
suitably inscribed"

His brother
James Crosskill Mackintosh was Mayor of Halifax from 1884-1887

With thanks to
Kenneth MacKintosh, of Ridgefield, Washington, a great grandson of the Lt.
Colonel who kindly provided this interesting period photo.  It was subsequently sent to me by Lt
Col Mackintosh's great-granddaughter,
Ann Morris of Martinez, California.