Motto-Cede Nullis (Yield to None)
Thank you for visiting the site of The Halifax Rifles Armoury Association, the history web site of
The Halifax Rifles community. We will be pleased to have any suggestion or perhaps you may have
some additional material and content to add to this site.  

The executive of The Halifax Rifles Armoury Association, and all its members, would especially like
to hear from any past unit members and/or their families and friends.

If you are a former unit member, or a family relative or friend of a past member of The Halifax
Rifles, then please let us hear from you.

In doing so, information such as the date of  service, service number, present address, telephone
number will be helpful. News and any other personal interest matters will certainly be welcomed.

We wish to express our special thanks to Brigadier General Edward A.C. Amy (Retired) , recently
deceased, one of Canada's a highly decorated soldiers and a true friend of the regiment, who served
with many of its members. His active research in support of our mission, and the contribution of
much material in "The Halifax Rifles Story" herein, was of immense help.

As well, we add our appreciation to Lorna Inness, of Halifax, a former senior editor for The Halifax
Herald, who is the honorary historian for the Halifax Rifles Armoury Association, for all her support
and her continuing contribution to our mission

We wish to acknowledge the sacrifice and service of all those who served  in many conflicts  but
remain anonymous and not remembered in this web site. They are in our thoughts nonetheless,  not
forgotten,  in the history of this fine old regiment.  May God bless them all.

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Cyril W. Gray
HRAA Webmaster