Lieut Col John Gordon Quigley, MSM, ED, msc., was born in Halifax, served with the Canadian
Army,  85 Bn in the United Kingdom and Europe in 1914-1916, later with the Non Permanent Active
Militia from 1922 to 1939,  1939 to 1945 with The Halifax Rifles,The Royal Military College and British
Second Army and Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (SHAEF). He was Honorary Lieut
Col of The Halifax Rifles from 1963 to 1965, past and Honorary President of The Halifax Rifles Armoury
Association and past President of the 85th Bn Memory Club. In addition he served in many business, civic
and religious groups, contributing in so many other meaningful ways to his community.

We are particularly honoured and grateful for his magnificent work as editor and historian of the superb
regimental history book,
A Century of Rifles-1860-1960. This book covers so many details of the
regimental activity and transition over the century, including much information of the service of it's
Officer's and Men. It was published by Wm McNab and Son Ltd, Halifax N.S. and is available today in
selected Halifax bookstores, with several copies in current circulation, and thus publicly available, within
the Halifax Library system.
Jack Oland, (right) making presentation  in memory of his father, Lt
Col J. H. C. Oland, former Commanding Officer, The Halifax Rifles,  
of J. Gordon Quigley's book of regimental history  
"Century of
to Major Henderson, President of Cambridge Military
Library, RA Park, Halifax.
Presentation of First Scholarship of Halifax Rifles Armoury
Association to Rev Father Fischer, of Saint Mary's University, by
Lieut Colonel J. G. Quigley, Regimental Historian, at St. Patrick's
HS Auditorium. Capt. Edward C.  (Ned) Wheeler  looking on.
-Lieut-Colonel John Gordon
Quigley, MSM,ED, at SHAEF
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Editor and Historian
Lt Col John Gordon Quigley
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20 May, 1960
29-March, 2001